Trans Arabian Trading recognizes that our existence is from support from our customers and sourcing good quality products for our client is most important and that they get at most reasonable price. Our service also includes advising the customer about the product, uses and alternates.

We take care to update the clients of the dispatch of the materials, arrival at destination, arrange for shipping documents and follow up on payments.

We immediately attend to complaints, survey the complaints and report back to suppliers and work to settle the claims immediately.


Pallet Elements

Cut to size and cut to length, pine timber both KD and AST from
Germany, Brazil, Spain, Latvia and Ukraine

Softwood logs and lumber

Sylvestris Pine logs and lumber from Germany, SYP logs from USA and Spruce lumber from Romania and KD Pine lumber from Brazil.

European Hardwood

Beech logs and sawn timber, White Oak, Maple, Sycamore and white Ash

West African Hardwood Logs and Lumber

Iroko, Sapeli, Mixed Red Wood, Dabema, Padouk, Kosipo, Bilinga and many more other species.